5B CarPro CQuartz UK Including Eraser [To Prep New Car]-Bundle-Bundle-30ml-Detailing Shed
5A Ceramic Coating Mega Bundle Durability for 2 years Protection includes Wash, Decontaminate, Clay, Polish and Coating - Detailing Shed
5B CarPro CQuartz UK Including Eraser [To Prep New Car]-Bundle-Bundle-Detailing Shed

5B CarPro CQuartz UK Including Eraser [To Prep New Car]

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CarPro CQuartz UK Including Eraser [To Prep New Car]

 This car detailing kit is designed for hot and cold climates:

It includes everything you need to prepare the surface before coating.
This Kit will Coat and add Slickness to your finish and protect it for years 

Transform and protect your pride & joy with this new paint protection. It will offer breathtaking gloss, superior protection, and amazing water beading. Keeps your car cleaner for longer, easier to maintain and protect from the elements for years to come. 

 Give your vehicle the ultimate protection with this new Paint Protection Kit. 

 Key Benefits:

  1. Cquartz UK 3.0 2020: Extremely deep gloss that lasts!, Easy maintenance with "self-cleaning" properties (Stays cleaner than other products on the market) 70% Quartz with 99.9% purity

  2. Protection and gloss superior to that of competitor "professional coatings" but easy to use for all detailers and DIY's
  3. 70% Quartz with 99.9% purity
  4. An extremely deep gloss that lasts!
  5. Easy maintenance with "self-cleaning" properties (Stays cleaner than other products on the market)
  6. Resistance to wash induced marring, bird dropping damage, stains, high or low temperatures, and traffic film
  7. Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, and contaminants
  8. Optional: SCHOLL CONCEPTS S20 BLACK Polish. This is designed to do aggressive compounding and polishing to almost complete perfection.  Depending on the pad used, you can control how aggressive you go.

    Kit Includes:

    • 1x CarPro Eraser 500ml: Remove any leftover polishing oils with Eraser so the Ceramic Cquartz Coating can properly bond.
    • 2 x MF Paint protection and removal cloth (1 Red 1 Yellow): Wipe off the residue from the CquartzUK with the Red or Yellow cloth.


    1. Wash with Reset or any other shampoo ( Avoid any shampoo with gloss enhancers or Wax)
    2. If required use Clay lubricant with Claybar.
    3. Wash the car again if you performed the clay process.
    4. If the surface has swirls perform hand or machine polishing.
    5. Before applying the coating, Wipe the car down with CarPro Eraser using Red or yellow Microfibre Cloths
    6. Begin to apply CarPro CQUARTZ UK 3.0 (2018) onto the car through the use of the supplied suede applicators and block. Level the coating as per the instructions on the Cquartz UK product page. Also, use the Red/Yellow Supersoft Microfibers to wipe off the coating, and get ready for a glossy, and protective layer. (you will need to use the red and yellow microfibre cloths for the wiping of the coating.

    Note: If you don't feel confident after reading our instructions on both this product page and the CQUARTZ UK page, it may be a good idea to do some of your own research on CQUARTZ UK, watching some videos on how it is applied, and reading some different accounts and descriptions to give you a great understanding on the process and whats involved. If you require any additional assistance in applying CQUARTZ, don't hesitate to email us and we will be able to help you out with the procedure.

    You may also email us and request a phone callback. We will be able to help you if you have any concerns about applying the coating.

    Aditional info is located under the documents section on the website.




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