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6C Carpro Maintenance Bundle 500ml

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6C Carpro Maintenance Bundle 500ml Kit

The CarPro Maintenance Bundle provides everything you need to easily maintain your ceramic coating!

The Kit includes the following:

  •  CarPro Reset: Car Wash Soap - Use Apply 25-30ml of Reset into a bucket with 10-15 litres of clean water..
  • CarPro Iron X: Iron Removal - Use for decontamination every 3 to 6 months after washing with Reset.
  • CarPro Tar X:  Tar Removal - Use as needed for Tar removal. Be careful around sensitive plastics, trim, rubber etc.
  • CarPro Reload:  Spray Sealant. Apply every 3 months, after Iron X or Tar X treatment or anytime you like.
  • CarPro Elixir: Ready to use quick detailer.

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