CARPRO CLARIFY GLASS CLEANER-Glass Cleaner-CarPro-500ml-Detailing Shed


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CARPRO Clarify Streak Free Glass Cleaner breaks through the tough grime, every time. With CARPRO Clarify Streak Free Glass Cleaner you can cut through grime and other environmental contaminants without harming your hydrophobic glass coating. The end result is a powerful long-lasting effect with a streak free shine, that is safe for both the interior and exterior.

Face the facts, glass has to be cleaned probably more than anything else on your car.

Cleaning the glass can ruin whatever process has already been done to said glass. And when it is safe to use on a previously detailed window, the chemicals in the cleaner aren’t always powerful enough for a serious decontamination job. But all those problems are solved with the CARPRO Clarify Streak Free Glass Cleaner.

The highly conducive properties of CARPRO Clarify creates a powerful cleaning effect on your windows. It removes hazards you pick up on the road such as oil, dirt, fingerprints and other contaminants.

Despite how powerful the cleaning product is, it won’t harm any previous detailing processes put on the glass. Which means, it will keep safe the hydrophobic glass coating that you had previously applied to the windows. You still keep your water beading, just now its clear enough to see through.

CARPRO Clarify is safe not only to use on the outside of your vehicle, but also the inside. The inside is almost as equally prone to contaminants, but usually forgotten about. Now, you can use this product inside and outside your car for a translucent shine. What’s also special about CARPRO Clarify is that it leaves a streak free shine, every time. Forget about seeing streaks the next day when you’re driving in the sunlight! No more hazardous, foggy, dirty driving for you, just clear windows!

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