quality detailing tape Carrpro  tape Size assorted
Carrpro sticky tape Size 24mm x 40m
Carrpro tape on angle
Carrpro  tape Size 5mm x 40m
Carrpro sticky tape angled

CarPro Masking Tape Professional Grade (5/15/24mm) x (40m length)

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CarPro Automotive Masking Tape

Car Detailing Tape Professional  Grade 

CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is an important tool for any level detailer. Mark off areas that you don’t want polished, and stay inside the detailing lines with this superior automotive masking tape. CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is heat resistant and adheres to  most surface. Even better? It removes with absolutely no residue left behind. Don’t go into a full correction detail blind; use CarPro Automotive Masking Tape to help guide your way.

Features and benefits

  • Special adhesion, making it perfectly safe for use on automotive paint
  • Heat resistant
  • 40m length
  • Vibrant red color for increased visibility
  • removal is easy, no mess

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