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CarPro Reset Auto Wash (500ml/1L/4L)

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CarPro Reset Coating Auto Wash

CarPro Reset is specially formulated to be used as a maintenance wash solution for nanotech coatings and sealants. 

CarPro Reset is an innovative wash that features a unique pH neutral formula. The intelligent surfactants break down traffic film, dirt, debris, and mineral water deposits, rinsing freely and leaving no soap, alkaline residue, polymers, silicones or other adulterants.

Actively deep cleansing the coated surface and releasing contamination in harmony with the coatings self-cleaning abilities.

CarPro Reset is especially known for its ability to rejuvenate and deeply cleanse silica-based coatings such as CarPro Cquartz, Cquartz UK Edition, Reload, Hydro and any other silica-based paint coating. It also helps the coatings release contamination from the coated surface. 

These properties help prolong the coatings hydrophobic and self-cleaning attributes and increase the period of time between maintenance decontamination or clay barring the car.  

Features and Benefits

  1. Developed for use with all CarPro Nanotechnology Sealants and Coatings including Reload, Hydro2, and CQuartz.
  2. Intelligent pH Surfactants provide a strong cleaning and foaming action, whilst remaining mild and pH-Neutral (7) in use.
  3. Derived almost entirely from natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients; free from the harsh sodium and lauryl sulfate derivatives found in many shampoo products.
  4. 400~500:1 Dilution ratio allows for economical cleaning.
  5. Excellent gliding lubrication and a wonderful fresh scent make for a safe, and enjoyable wash experience.


  1. Apply 25-30ml of Reset into a bucket with 10-15 litres of clean water. We recommend using a two bucket washing method with Grit Guards. If you only have a single bucket use Multiple Wash Mitts to wash your car.
  2. Pre-rinse the vehicle with a strong stream of water to dislodge and remove any dirt and debris from the surface. Try to wash the vehicle out of direct sunlight. If this can not be avoided, try to keep the panels as cool as possible, using water to bring down the temperature before washing, washing and rinsing one panel or area at a time. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. 
  3. Using a suitable washing mitt such as the Wash Mitt, begin to wash the vehicle from the top down, rinsing the mitt frequently in clean water or rinse bucket. If necessary, use CarPro Spotless to remove hard water spots, and apply either Reload or Hydro2 to top-up the vehicle’s protection.