CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover


Size: 500ml
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Watch Tar and adhesive melt away and wipe off with ease!

CarPro Tar X is a professional strength tar, adhesive, and bug remover as well as a degreaser that derives its strength from the solvents extracted from orange peels.  This incredibly versatile cleaner may be used as a degreaser, tar and asphalt removal, insect, tire mark, adhesive removal, traffic film and more!  Simply spray on the surface and allow it to easily melt tar away.  For stubborn adhesive residue spray a little Tar X on a microfiber and easily wipe the stubborn adhesive away!

Features and Benefits:

  • Removing Tar from Wheels, Arches & Paintwork
  • Removing Adhesives from Stickers, Badges, and Graphics
  • Removing Bugs from bumpers and headlights
  • Removing Grease from suspension, engine and underbody components
  • Cuts through heavy grease and tar


  • Spray the infected area with Tar X and allow the product to work. 
  • Do not allow Tar X to dry on the surface.
  • Spray a soft cloth with Tar X and wipe the infected area to remove tar & product residue
  • Clean area with CarPro Ech2o, CarPro Reset, or any other Carwash.


•   Avoid sensitive plastics and acrylic paint
•   Do not use in direct sun or hot surface.
•   Do not allow to dry on the surface
•   Work in a well-ventilated area.
•   Test in a hidden area before use
•   Avoid long-term exposure to skin
•   Avoid contact with eyes

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