DS Pro Series Dispenser Bottles

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Size: 250ml
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DS Pro Series Dispenser Bottles 

  • Ideal for dispensing the proper amount of product onto an applicator pad
  • Most commonly used for applying polishes, glazes, and sealant

Sizes:500ml  250ml or 50ml

  • 500ml bottle with 28mm Flip Top Cap (white Cap)
  • 250ml bottle with 28mm Flip Top Cap (white Cap)

  • 50ml bottle with red nozzle straight forward to open it and push down to lock it shut

    The dispenser bottles are great for dispensing a thin amount of your favourite detailing supplies. Store quick detailers, polishes, glazes, sealants, waxes, leather cleaners, interior cleaners, de-greasers and more in these convenient and efficient dispenser bottles. The thin spout helps regulate how much product you use and helps you prevent over pouring and spills. The bottle easily fits in your pocket so you do not have to look around and bend over to pick up a bottle off the floor. The dispenser bottle greatly improves the speed of your detailing process while conserving the product for best value. Keep an emergency cleaning solution handy when you are on the road with these convenient travel sized bottles. The unlimited uses of these bottles make them a great asset to any detailer.


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