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Features And Benefits

Breakthroughs in nano-structured composite materials have allowed us to develop an incredibly uniform abrasive particle on the nanoscopic scale.  This has allowed Gtechniq to manufacture a polish that requires almost no lubrication – giving it three major advantages over traditional polishes:

  1. With many more active particles working the surface, the polish works faster with less effort

  2. Virtually no lubricant means there is no ‘drop back’ – the amount of lubricants in traditional polishes are designed to hide minor imperfections which are revealed again when the polish is washed off  - with P1 what you see is what you get

  3. Smaller active particle size means the surface does not heat up nearly as much. The lack of heat also means you can make several passes over the same area to remove stubborn scratches, without the fear of over polishing

When tested against leading hand polishes P1 outperforms. And, because P1 does not use fillers, your car’s new finish that used a lot of elbow grease, will not deteriorate.

Plus instead of needing a cutting compound, medium compound, and finishing glaze - you just use one product with whichever foam or wool pad you need. P1 will do the work of these three products with less holograms.

Perfecting automotive surfaces using Gtechniq P1 requires half the amount of passes with the rotary machine than with conventional systems, allowing for more time enjoying your car than maintaining it.


  • Shake well before use
  • Ensure the surface you are working on is not in direct sunlight and is cool to touch
  • Make sure polishing pads and surfaces to be polished are clean, and contaminant free
  • For best results use with a hand polishing pad, or a selection of wool and foam polishing pads with a machine polisher
  • Apply directly to the surface of the car, or to the polish pad you are using
  • If polish dries on the surface, reactivate with water
  • After polishing, remove residue with a damp Microfibre Buff Cloth


  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use within 12 months of opening

If you are happy to read, we have more info below

With P1 Nano Polish, the results you see after wipe-off are the results you get! That’s because the abrasive particles have a rounding effect when they cut, not a scouring effect like conventional abrasives. With conventional compounds and polishes the abrasives leave swirls and scratches behind that are then masked by polishing oils and fillers creating the illusion of a swirl-free finish.

Polishing oils are beneficial when they are used to lubricate the surface during the abrading process, but overuse is common in the industry. Many products use polishing oils to fill or mask the swirls and scratches left by conventional abrasives. Because P1 Nano Polish uses microscopic uniform abrasive particles at the nanoscopic scale, fewer polishing oils are required for the abrading action. Using fewer polishing oils decrease the chance of swirls being masked or camouflaged.

Limited use of polishing oils also means a higher concentration of abrasives in the formula, so less product is needed. Unlike polishes containing diminishing organic abrasives, P1 Nano Composite Polish’s abrasive particles are created from nano-structured composite materials that cut evenly throughout the buffing cycle. This means the abrasives work just as well at the start of the buffing cycle as they do at the end of the buffing cycle.

P1 Nano Polish creates less heat than conventional compounds and polishes due to the microscopic size and uniformity of the composite abrasive particles. Heat is an unwanted side-effect in the compounding and polishing process because it increases the risk of burning through or twisting the paint. P1 Nano Polish generally maintains surface temperatures in the 90 to 100 degree range.

Pad Dependent
P1 Nano Polish is capable of removing 1000 grit sanding marks when used with a wool cutting pad. When used with a soft foam finishing pad, it finishes like a fine polish.

Removes less paint
The rounding effect from the nano-structured composite abrasive particles is less aggressive than conventional polishes. As result P1 Nano Polish effectively removes defects while removing less paint overall.

Water soluble
P1 Nano Polish is water soluble and body shop safe. Any residue or excess product in cracks and crevices can be easily washed away with car wash soap. P1 Nano Polish will not stain trim.

Can be used by hand
The highly versatile abrasive technology found in P1 Nano Polish is also effective when applied by hand. This is especially useful in tight, intricate areas or on thin, small panels that are difficult or impossible to safely polish by machine. Conventional abrasive products can leave scratches and scouring behind that are then masked by polishing oils and fillers. This gives the appearance of good results when defects have actually only been temporarily filled. P1 Nano Polish removes defects without masking so the results you see are in fact the results you get. 

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