Gyeon Q2 Antifog 120ml

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Gyeon Q2 Antifog 120ml

Gyeon Q2 AntiFog is an anti-fog solution which prevents fogging effect during cold and rainy seasons or due to high humidity and saves you from visibility-loss.

Gyeon Q2 AntiFog contains hydrophilic ingredients, these ingredients attract and absorb water, spreading it evenly over the surface of the coating and thus helping to prevent freshly forming water droplets from becoming large enough to be visible.

Foggy windows happen when moisture inside the car condenses out on the glass surfaces those are colder than the air in your car. Gyeon Q2 AntiFog is a special glass coating which improves driving comfort and safety in poor weather conditions, particularly during the winter months. Maximum effectiveness can be achieved if used along with Gyeon Q2View

No More Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are mainly caused by dampness brought into the car on your cloths in the wintertime, insufficient ventilation (AC problems) or large temperature differences between inside/outside. We provide you a product that will solve these windows transparency problems. One application will prevent the windows getting foggy for at least 2 months.

Easy to Apply

As in many cars some glass areas may be difficult to access, therefore the easiness of application is crucial for effectiveness and durability in this type of product. Clean your windows with a HQ glass cleaner, wipe with Q2M Prep just to make sure, they are totally streak free and apply a coat of Q2 Antifog. Wipe off after a couple minutes till a clear, transparent surface appears.

Improves Safety

Q2 AntiFog is a supplement to the Q2 View offer and protects all glass surfaces of your vehicle against fog from the inside. You will benefit from its utilization especially in the autumn or wintertime, when lot of dampness is brought into the car on clothes and, due to temperature differences, it results in foggy windows. Therefore using both Q2 View and Q2 AntiFog is our recommended solution for rainy time of year to prevent loss of windows transparency, which might influence driving safety.


A 100ml bottle of Q2 AntiFog will be sufficient to protect all glass surfaces for more than one winter season in a large SUV.

One application for 6 large windows uses a maximum of 20ml of product!


Ensure that the surface has been cleaned with a HQ glass cleaner and remains oil, smudge or streak free. We recommend using QM Prep before product application.


Store in a dark, dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

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