Gyeon Q2M Bald Wipe Cloth

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Gyeon Q2M Bald Wipe Cloth 


The GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel features a low nap perfect for safe removal of waxes, polishes, coatings, and other residues from paint. Featuring a laser cut edgeless design that is tag free, this towel offers versatility without risk. Though designed for use with the GYEON coating range, the GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel is a perfect multi-purpose towel that can be used virtually anywhere in and around your vehicle.

When you apply a coating you want perfect results without any issues. Using the wrong towel can cause marring and scratching sending you back to the drawing board. Eliminate that risk by removing your coating using the soft and safe GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel! This laser cut towel is perfect for wiping away residue without inflicting any swirls or scratches.

The GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel is composed of an 80/20 polyester and polyamide blend. This makes it as soft as any standard microfiber towel. What sets it apart is its laser cut edgeless design that virtually eliminates any risk of marring during wipe down. Pick up a few extra GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towels because they work great for interior detailing too!

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