Gyeon Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 (Cutting) 1000ml

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GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 makes quick work of all surface imperfections that tend to collect on your boat’s surfaces. The high-quality Japanese abrasives used in the formula of GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 allows it to easily cut through even the most severe oxidation and defects that plague your boat’s gelcoat!

GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 doesn’t use any silicone or fillers, the results you see when you buff it off are true results that won’t just fade as the fillers do.

GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 is also designed to finish off to a much higher gloss than you would expect from such an aggressively abrasive polish!

Because the hull of a boat sees much more abuse than say the paint on a car, it is imperative that the coating on them not only be completely water-proof, but also extremely hard and durable. While gelcoat is more than hard enough to prevent water from getting through or a random rock from completely sinking your boat, it is incredibly difficult to maintain the look of it.

Gelcoat is just as difficult to buff as it is to damage. As such, you need an extremely abrasive polish like GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 to really have an impact!

GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 was designed with not only extremely aggressive abrasives, but also one of an incredibly high-caliber.

The abrasives contained in GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 are manufactured and developed in Japan and were designed with the highest level of technology that is available today.

These strong abrasives will quickly and easily provide actual correction results, even on a surface as hard and as durable as gelcoat!

Most polishes and compounds that you will find on the market are designed with fillers and silicone.

These ingredients will temporarily fill-in and hide the defects after you use them on the surface. However, these filers and silicone will eventually fade over time. Once they do, the defects they were covering will be easily visible once again.

GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 does not contain any silicone or fillers, which means the results you get will last and not just simple fade over time.

While it is important that a marine compound have a high cutting potential to ensure proper correction. It is also important to finish off to a nice gloss.

If the finish of the compound is too marred, you will need to add extra correction steps in order to get the end result you want. GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 is formulated to finish off to a much higher gloss that other marine compounds of comparable abrasive strength. This means that you will either be able to completely eliminate a subsequent polishing step or greatly reduce the amount of polishing that would be required in that step!

Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

  • Use the Q²R MarinePolish Step 1 only on a well cleaned surface with the polishing machine of your choice.
  • Do not use high revs, do not extend the workcycle.
  • Step 1 presents most of its cutting ability within the first 45 seconds. Possible use with HeavyCut pads. Always remove excessive polish and do not let dry.


  • Consumption:5-8ml/m²
  • FINISH: 4 / 6
  • CUT: 6+ / 6

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