iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer
iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer
iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer
iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer
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iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer

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iK 1.5 Mini Foam Professional Sprayer

Note: Guys and Girls: This is used for Foaming - Cannot be used as a sprayer.

The iK FOAM 1.5 Compression Sprayer easily creates a thick layer of foam from the Car Wash, Pre-Rinse, All-Purpose Cleaning or other product of your choice. The bank of long-lasting foam clings to the surface working away until you're ready to rinse it all away. The iK FOAM 1.5 Sprayer includes:

  • 750ml tank for smaller jobs such as motorbikes, Rims and tyre cleaning 
  • Other uses: smaller industrial applications.
  • The most convenient portable foam lance! No high-pressure washer required
  • Use the IK 1.5 for smaller jobs or for when a smaller portable foam sprayer is needed.
  • High Quality Viton Seals and Washers
  • Wide funnel for easy filling
  • Wet foam, medium foam and dry foam nozzles!
  • IK 1.5 Foam Sprayers are a smaller capacity foam lance compared to the IK 9 Foam Sprayer and mostly suitable for smaller applications. For larger applications simply recharge the pressure cylinder for continous foam from the most convenient foam sprayers on the market!

  • IK Foam Sprayers are also far more economical than traditional foam lances. With traditional foam lance operation, the usual ratio for soap to water is around 1:10 which results in high consumption and high cost of chemicals.
  • The IK 1.5 Foam Sprayer will produce a good foam with a dilution ratio of as high as 1:35 making it more cheaper to operate!

  • The IK 1.5 Foam Sprayer comes with the choice of three foam nozzles to adjust the thickness of your foam. Choose the orange nozzle for a wet foam, grey nozzle for a medium foam or the green nozzle for a real dry foam for extra long cling time!

  • IK Foam Sprayer can also foam other chemicals and are not just built for shampoo! With an operating pH range of 0-10 you can even foam your acid and alkaline cleaners such as All Purpose Cleaners for a stronger decontamination step.




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