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iK9 Professional Foam Sprayer

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iK9 Professional Foam Sprayer

 The iK FOAM 9 Compression Sprayer easily creates a thick layer of foam from the Car Wash, Pre-Rinse, All-Purpose Cleaning or other product of your choice.

  The bank of long-lasting foam clings to the surface working away until you're ready to rinse it all away. 

The iK FOAM 9 Sprayer includes:

  • 1.3 Gallon Useful Capacity
  • Strong Translucent Tank with Indicator Level
  • 60 PSI Safety Valve with Depressurization Option
  • Special “Foam” Even Fan Type Nozzle.
  • Comes with Three (3) Color-Coded Mixer Adapters: ORANGE to Create Very Wet Foam, GREEN to Create Very Dry Foam and GREY that Creates Standard Foam
  • Outfit Includes Adjustable Cone Spray Nozzle, Fan Spray Nozzle and Extra Hose for Acids
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Protective Sleeve for Chamber Valve
  • Funnel Incorporated Into Tank
  • Metal Lever on Trigger Release Valve
  • The filter in the Lance
  • The base of Tank Can Be Used to Wind the Hose For Storage
  • Hose Attachment at the Top to Produce a Lighter Foam
  • 50 cm Extension Lance Available as an Accessory
  • Carrying Handle and Straps for Carrying Over Shoulder
  • Easy Assembly and Dismantling for Maintenance, Without Tools
  • Possible Adaptation to Other Types of Nozzles and Accessories
  • Suitable for Acids, Alcohols, Hydro Carbons and Oils
  • All Seals, Plastic Parts and Washers Resistant to Most Acids and Solvents and to the Chemical Agents Most Widely Used in the World of Automotive, Industry, and Professional Cleaning



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