KWAZAR NIX HD ACID SPRAYER 500ml-Sprayer-Kwazar-Red 500ml-Detailing Shed


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Designed for application of acid chemicals. It is equipped with a durable pump and special seals, made of the proper Viton mix. Ideal for cleaning aluminum, descaling, cleaning and passivation of steel.


  • KWAZAR Nix HD acid line sprayer from the Heavy Duty series with increased chemical resistance is intended for spraying acidic agents on small areas
  • It can be used for cleaning aluminum, descaling, cleaning and passivation of steel. The device is fitted with NBR seals.
  • The sprayer is not intended for contact with glycol-based brake fluids, organic acids with small molecular mass (formic acid, concentrated acetic acid), chloroacetic acid, chlorosulfonic acid, esters, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, amines, concentrated solutions of sodium and potassium hydroxide, paint solvents, ammonia, methanol, Cellosolve type solvents (such as 2-ethoxyethanol), or nitro solvents which contain acetone and toluene.
  • The availability of various chemical agents on the market requires the user to test the sprayer with the target agent.
  • KWAZAR CORPORATION Sp. z o.o. does not guarantee the universality of the device.



NOTE: Loosen the spraying nut by at least half a turn before first use.

  • Remove the pump from the tank and fill the tank with spray liquid prepared in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Mount the pump on the tank.
  • Move the sprayer to the work site. Press the pump handle until a consistent flow of liquid is achieved through the spray nozzle.
  • The sprayer features a dual-action pump. The liquid is sprayed both when pulling, as well as when pushing the pump handle. With the spray nozzle, you can regulate the output stream.
  • By tightening or loosening the nozzle, you can achieve various spraying degrees.
  • On the side of the tank there is a percentage scale which facilitates preparing mixtures of the spray liquids in relation to the nominal capacity.


Each time after work wash the sprayer thoroughly with clean water.

  • Remove the pump from the tank  fill in with clean water (approx. 0.25 of the tank capacity), replace and tighten the pump.
  • Conduct some spraying in order to rinse the device’s spraying system. Remove the pump and drain the remaining water from the tank. RESIDUAL RISK Despite the fact that KWAZAR CORPORATION Sp. z o.o. assumes responsibility for the design of the device in order to eliminate hazards, some risks during work are unavoidable. Residual risk results from the incorrect behaviour of the operator. 

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