KWAZAR VENUS FOAMER (2L) Neutral-Foam Sprayer-Kwazar-2.0L-Detailing Shed


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The Kwazar Venus Pro+ Foamer allows for quick and precise application of your favourite shampoo! Don't have a pressure washer for a Foam Lance, no access to a garden hose, or a water restriction?

This high quality bottle will allow you to apply a nice layer of foam to your vehicle to help pre-treat the surface and remove dirt and grime safely. Add shampoo and water to the reservoir, screw on the top, pump up the pressure and apply by pushing the thumb trigger at the top of the handle. The nice layer of foam will stick to the paint, allowing the shampoo to help loosen contamination from the paint, which helps you easily and safely remove dirt and grime during your two bucket method wash to follow. If you have any other cleaners that you would like to foam up (i.e. carpet or upholstery cleaners), this bottle will also work great.


Features and Benefits:

  • Safety valve ensuring the pressure is always under control
  • Convenient handle allowing you to work comfortably
  • Base ring stabilisation and protection of bottle against damage
  • Visible fluid strip, which makes keeping track of fluid level really easy
  • Adjustable nozzle for vertical or horizontal application
  • 3 different adjustable nozzles allowing for wet, normal and snow foam
  • Easy pump-up action
  • Allows for quick and precise coverage of the vehicle with thick foam
  • 2 Litre bottle easily holds enough product to pre-wash an entire vehicle
  • Level indicator embossed on bottle in millilitres (ml) / litres (l)
  • Pressure release safety valve
  • Solid stable base allows for easy storage and prevents tipping


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