Scholl Concepts Purple Interior for Leather, Vinyl and Plastic 500ml

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Scholl Concepts Purple Interior for Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Matt Finish

Purple has been specially formulated to offer optimal care and protection of all smooth surfaces found in car, home and boat interiors. Using modern polymer technology, Scholl Concepts Purple lets you clean dusty and faded surfaces on door panels, dashboards, vinyl and smooth leather with ease. Treated surfaces will have a very natural, semi-matt finish. Scholl Purple has a fresh pleasant odour that is not overbearing and leaves no smears and no greasy or slippery surfaces. Purple Interior Shine contains NO hydrocarbons or silicone oil. Purple provides long-lasting protection on interior surfaces such as smooth and textured vinyl dashboards, plastic trim pieces, and finished leather seats and trim.

Features and Benefits

  • Silky semi-matte finish
  • Long lasting active polymer protection
  • Pleasant fresh smell
  • Light cleaning
  • No oily or slippery residue
  • No hydrocarbons or silicone oil
  • Country: Germany

Application Instructions:

Spray Purple onto an applicator and spread in circular motion. Wipe of  as required.

We recommend and use The Rag Company – Microfiber Interior Detailing Sponge Applicator – BLUE