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Tevo BMax Shampoo
Tevo Bubblemax Shampoo
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Tevo Bubblemax Shampoo

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Tevo Bubblemax Shampoo

Bubble Max Shampoo is specifically formulated as a pH neutral car shampoo for high foaming and deep cleaning purpose without damaging your car painted or coated surface. It is perfect to use on weekly basis and prolong the lifespan of glass coating.


Features and Benefits

  • Remove grease, dirt, and stain
  • Pine aroma clean smell
  • Non-oily finishing
  • Not harmful to coated surfaces
  • PH stable
  • Super Concentrated
  • Extreme high bubble foaming
  • User-friendly



  • Dilute Bubble Max Shampoo with water ( up to 1:120 ratio )
  • Rinse the car body with Hose, or high-pressure washer, 
  • Using a  high quality  Microfibre wash mitt wipe the car body gently with the Washmitt with Bubble Max Shampoo 
  • Rinse the car body with pressure 
  • Dry car body with a high quality microfiber cloth