Tevo UniClean 500ml
Tevo UniClean 500ml
Tevo UniClean 500ml
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Tevo UniClean 500ml

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TEVO UniClean

TEVO UniClean has a high evaporation rate that allow the cleaning process to work faster while leaving no mark and stain behind. Easy to use and apply the product especially for first timers.
Just spray on microfiber cloth, and wipe!
Definitely the only cleaner product that comes in handy when you need it. Only with TEVO !


    Features and Benefits:

    • Fast, aromatic
    • Deep cleaning solutions.
    • High evaporation rate allows the cleaning process faster while leaving no marks behind.
    • Suitable use before coating to remove polishing stain or grease.
    • Do not use on coatings.
    • The convenient and amazing cleaner you would like to keep it around all the time.