3D Poxy High Gloss Wax - Durability 3-6 Months

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3D Poxy High Gloss Wax 

Give your car, boat, truck, etc. a lasting colour and a glossy finish for up to 6 months with 3D Poxy High Gloss Wax. Featuring Montan, a heat-resistant wax that bonds to the surface to guard against the elements, it's safe to use on any exterior surface for lasting protection.

Directions for use 

  • Can be used by hand with an applicator or on a DA polisher on low speed.
  • Apply a very small amount onto the set pad and cover the car with a light coat. Safe to go over trims, moldings, plastics, and glass too
  • Leave for 30min or longer. The longer the better it bonds to the paint
  • Use a nice soft microfibre to remove

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