Ceramic Coatings

A coating starts as a liquid form that is poured onto an applicator and applied to a section of the paint. Usually small area.   See some of the great ceramic coating diy kit on offer.

Coatings react with air quickly and start drying and becoming harder, turning into the resistant layer described above. Before the coating is fully hardened, it needs to be leveled. This is accomplished by wiping off remaining residue from the coated section after a certain amount of time has passed, using a quality microfiber towel.

This amount of time depends on the coating that you're using, but generally speaking it's anywhere from 1 - 3 minutes on the low end, 5 - 10 minutes for some "medium" drying coatings and then 15 - 20+ minutes for slower coatings. It's always a good idea to have a timer handy when working with a coating because you do not want a coating to dry too much before leveling. This will lead to a hazy finish which will at the very least require quite a bit of elbow grease to fix and at worst may require polishing the coated section to fully remove the badly applied coating layer.

The coatings are not as difficult to apply as what some make it to be. Please call us if you need help.

Coatings available:  Body of the car, Plastics, Trim, Leather, Wheels and Glass.

35 products

35 products