Optimum Tyre Coating & Protectant durability up to 6 months

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Optimum Tyre Coating & Protectant  durability up to 6 months

The New & Improved Optimum Tyre Protection and Coating is a long-lasting water based tyre shine and protectant that is now easier to apply and has better self-leveling properties. One application will last for several months and continues to protect tyres from oxidation and aging.

Optimum Tyre Protection and Coating is silicone free and does not leave an oily film behind and is also paint and body shop safe.

Always wear gloves and eye protection.

1. Clean the tyre with Optimum Power Clean. Rinse and thoroughly dry. If the surface looks blotchy, clean it a second time.
2. Apply Tyre Protection and Coating to the surface evenly, working it into the surface. When first applied it will have a blue tint, it will dry to black.
3. For a glossier appearance, apply a second coat after 30-60 minutes. Allow 4 hours to dry before getting wet.


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