Maxshine is the only original manufacturing Company of the well known DAS6 and DAS6-Pro DA and Rotary Polishers.

Maxshine has gained the trust in the Worldwide Automotive detailing industry by manufacturing and supplying high-quality reliable car care products for many top OEM brands. Brands that would surprise you as they claim that they manufacture their own products.

Maxshine has continued to grow their manufacturing over the years and is now leading the market with their extensive range of Dual Action, Forced Action and Rotary Polishers and range of detailing equipment.

Many big name detailing companies use Maxshine Group for their manufacturing. Maxshine has proven that their products are worthy of stamping big name detailing brand names from around the world on them and have gained the trust, reliability and quality that is demanded by DIYers and Professionals throughout.

As of late 2017, Maxshine Group is releasing their own brand named products and have selected only the finest high-quality products through rigorous R&D testing.

32 products

32 products