Maxshine Sand Killer GritGuard

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Colour: Red
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Maxshine  Sand Killer GritGuard Red

The Maxshine  Sand Killer Grit Guard is used to trap grit and dirt in the bottom of a bucket when washing your vehicle.

By trapping grit and dirt in the bottom of the bucket these particles are largely prevented from contaminating the washing sponge or mitt, assisting in the prevention of swirls.
Swirls in a vehicles paintwork are generally the result of washing with a contaminated sponge or mitt. The dirt and grit particles on the contaminated washing sponge act as an abrasive when rubbed against the vehicle, scratching the paintwork and consequently creating Swirls.


  1. Keeps dirt from being reapplied onto your vehicle.

  2. Traps dirt at the bottom of the bucket.

  3. Great fits all Maxshine buckets and bucket kits.

  4. Center finger holes make removing the dirty easy.

  5. Keeps your washing utensils in clean water.

  6. Two colour Red


Weight:233 g

Diameter:26.5 cm

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