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Buff and Shine has been developing high-quality buffing pads for the automotive industries.

The humble beginnings rooted in quality assurance and constant testing of products have led Buff and Shine to become a leading manufacturer of buffing and polishing pads along with their corresponding backing plates. 

More than two decades spent within the industry has allowed Buff and Shine to hone in on what detailers need. This commitment to innovation ensures that they provide the best products possible. Every buffing pad, backing plate, and applicator pad produced by Buff and Shine has been extensively tested—both within the company, and within the detailing community—to ensure that only the best products make it to retail outlets.

Buff and Shine Buffing Pads are made from only the highest quality materials. Pads are offered with a broad range of cutting and polishing capabilities and are available in both foam and microfiber formats. With sizes ranging from 1 inches to 6.5 inches, you will be able to tackle any restoration job with Buff and Shine!

11 products

11 products