Buff and Shine Uro-Tec™ White Finishing Foam Pad

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Buff and Shine Uro-Tec™ White Finishing Foam Pad

Features and Benefits

  • Remove ultra fine imperfections safely and easily!
  • Also works great when applying liquid waxes or sealants
  • Extremely durable open cell construction 

The Buff and Shine Uro-Tec White Finishing Foam Pad is designed to remove ultra fine imperfections and finish the paint down to perfection! When polishing you can come across finicky paint types that need a super light polishing option and this pad is perfect for those situations. This is known as "jeweling" the paint and really takes your paint to the next level!

Another option for this pad is when you want to apply protection you can use this pad and your favorite buffer at a low speed. Apply a liquid wax or sealant to the face of the pad and it will delicately spread it over your paint thin and evenly. It's a great way to save time and quickly protect your paint.

With the rise of the long throw polishers, imperfections are being removed faster than before.

This long throw design and overall polishing speed saves detailers valuable time, however, it increases polishing heat and can really do a number on polishing pads.

Buff and Shine imported high-end specialty European foam, that is designed for use with these long throw Polishers.

The foam is made with high-quality reticulated (open cell) euro foam of a higher density than traditional foam pads.

This open cell structure and center hole helps disperse heat and reduce pad softening during use. The foam is attached to the backing with premium heat resistant adhesives, which only adds to the overall durability of these fantastic pads.

If you are looking for a durable foam pad for light correction or protection applications, the Buff and Shine Uro-Tec White Finishing Foam Pad is a great choice!

Choosing the correct Uro-Tec Pad See Chart Below:

Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pad quickly eliminates swirls and scratches

Coarse Blue Heavy Cutting Foam Pad
The extremely aggressive foam of the Blue Pad will surprise you with its immense cutting ability, but even more so with the haze-free finish that it provides. On light colors and hard paint systems, the Blue Pad can be used with a one-step compound. Follow with the Yellow or White Pad on softer paint systems and dark colors.

Medium Maroon Heavy Polishing Foam Pad
The dense foam construction of the Maroon Pad makes it perfect for use with one-step compounds and polishes. When the heavy-cutting ability of the Blue Pad is too much, use the Maroon Pad to create a flawless, haze-free finish. Follow with the White Pad to create a dazzling, show-car shine.
Dark Blue Heavy Polishing Foam Pad
The closed cell foam construction of the Dark Blue Pad is ideal for use with a medium cut polish or a one-step/cleaner wax. Whether you are using it in conjunction with the other pads in Buff and Shine’s “Reflection Artist” Line or are just looking for a versatile polishing pad, the Dark Blue pad will provide incredible results. Following this pad up with the Yellow Light Polishing Pad will give you the ability to finish even the softest paint out to a show-car shine!
Light Yellow Polishing Foam Pad
Use the Yellow Pad with finishing polishes or, for darker colors, one-step polishing compounds. This soft, open-cell foam finishes as well as the White Pad on light colors and metallic finishes. The Yellow Pad will be a popular choice for detailers that frequently use one-step cleaner waxes.
Soft White Finishing Foam Pad
The White Pad is the softest in the Uro-Tec line up. It is best suited for ultra-fine polishes and jewelling waxes. You’ll be glad you have it when you detail a black Tesla or blue Porsche, paint systems that tend to be finicky. The White Pad also works well for applying waxes.


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