Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Blueberry AIO Heavy Polishing Pad (3/5/6Inch)

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Fits Backing Plate: 3 Inch (2 Pack)
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Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Blueberry AIO Heavy Polishing Pad

Features and Benefits

The Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Blueberry Heavy Polishing Pad is a firm, more aggressive form of polishing pad. Designed to more effectively remove medium to light swirls scratches, oxidation, and other paint defects, the EdgeGuard Blueberry Heavy Polishing Pad can be paired with light compounds and medium grade polishes to fine tune the amount of cut needed for your specific paint type.

Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Pads are designed with both safety and functionality in mind. As the name implies, a key feature is the recessed backing plate and raised edge. This allows the backing plate to sit down inside the pad to reduce the risk of accidental damage from the backing plate. It also provides a way for the user to work within tight, intricate panels without worry. The design and shape of the EdgeGuard series was developed to improve handling and allow for uniform pressure during the polishing process. Not only does this improve user experience, it also produces better quality results on a wide range of paint types.

Key Features:

  • Recessed edge wraps foam around the backing plate to prevent damage.
  • Ideal for use on intricate body panels and tight areas.
  • Made with premium quality foam for optimal performance and cutting power.
  • Beveled shape provides snappy response and distributes pressure while in use.
  • Works with 8mm, 15mm, 21mm, DA Polisher and Gear Driven machines
  • EZ Centering
  • PATENTED EdgeGuard TECHNOLOGY - Premium Foam With The Newest Revolutionary Advancement In Detailing Buffing Pads
  • EZ CENTERING - Unique Design For Perfect Pad Centering Every Time
  • EZ PEEL - Increased Pad Life & Durability With The Easiest Peeling Quality Pads In The Market
  •  BREATHABLE, THERMALLY SEALED Polymer Pocket And Protective Foam Shield
  • PROFESIONALLY DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED FOR Automotive / Aviation / Industrial / Marine / Paint, Body & Equipment / Reconditioning Use
  • #1 BUFFING PAD BRAND In America - Total Commitment To Quality, Precision, And Craftsmanship For Over 36 Years
  • Designed to remove light swirls and other imperfections with ease!
  • Great one step or compounding follow up polishing options
  • Pair with light corrective polish
  • Extremely durable open cell construction
  • Long lasting pad
  • Made in USA

 EdgeGuard Product Range:

  • Heavy Cut – Blue Heavy Cutting Pad
  • Medium Cut – Maroon Medium Cutting Pad
  • Heavy Polish – Blueberry AIO Heavy Polishing Pad
  • Standard Polishing – Yellow Polishing Pad
  • Final Polish/Finishing – Black Final Finishing Pad


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