Maxshine Rayon Glass Wool Polishing Pad - 2pcs/pack 3/5/6Inch

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Size: 3Inch (80mm) 2Pack
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For Glass Polishing The Maxshine Rayon Glass Wool Polishing Pads.

High-quality Pure Woolen Felt distributes material evenly and consistently, polishing surfaces to their glossiest without causing any damage; ideal for polishing in hard-to-access places.
Convenient to use: a Hook&Loop attachment system makes the pad easy to use withholding securely and providing quick pad alteration
Soft Woolen Felt achieves the effect of anti-vibration, non-corrosive and damp-proof and can isolate the heat by all means



  • Ideal for Cutting and Polishing Action Resulting in High Gloss Finish on Glass Surface.
  • Professional Glass Wool Polishing Pad Made of Pure Woolen Felt
  • The high resistance pad gives an excellent grip against the backing pad


A specifically designed pad that allows you to efficiently, and quickly rid defects out of glass surfaces.

     Remove scratches and heavy water spotting from glass with this synthetic Glass Polishing Pad and a glass polish, such as GTECHNIQ Glass polish.

    These pads can be used both on Rotary and Random Orbital.

    Use LITTLE TO NO PRESSURE and observe the glass temperature often. An additional spray of water may be required to keep the glass temperature down.  


    • Attach to a Velcro backing plate on a Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Polisher (check out "Buffing Machines" for more information and options).
    • Prime pad with GTECHNIQ G4 NANOTECH GLASS POLISH, or any appropriate Glass Polish
    • Work a 30cm x 30cm section
    • Begin working polish on low speed
    • Apply more polish if needed or a spray of water on pad to re-activate lubricants
    • When satisfied with defect removal, stop polishing and use a Glass Cleaner to remove any residue
    • Note: Do Not Wash pad! 
    • Brush or Air Clean only
    • Do not Overheat the pad - keep the heat down from the glass or you will damage the pad.


    Material: 100% wool felt
    Diameter: Options 3”(80mm) or 5”(130mm) 
    Colour: white
    Backing Technique: Hook&Loop
    Quantity: 2pcs/pack

    Options 3Inch, 5Inch or 6Inch

    • 2pcs 3” Glass Wool Polishing Pad 
    • 2pcs 5” Glass Wool Polishing Pad or
    • 2pcs 6” Glass Wool Polishing Pad

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