Buff and Shine Marine 7" Yellow Cutting/Polishing Pad (9" Inch contoured)

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Size: 7 Inch Foam Pad
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Buff and Shine 7" Yellow Cutting/Polishing Pad ( 9" Inch  contoured)

Our Contour Edge Foam Pads have quality hook & loop material with a straight down recessed cup for extra protection. 
  • Diameter: 9"Inch  contoured
  • Recommended Backing Plate: 7 Inch
  • Recommended machine: Rotary polisher
  • Mounting: Grip Pad
  • Material Type: Reticulated Polyester Foam
  • Material Colour: Yellow
  • Application: Lt Cut/Polishing
  • Foam PPI: 50
  • Thickness: 1.5"Inch
  • Suggested RPM: 1200 - 1750
  • Recommended Use: Marine Gelcoats

Recommended Backing Plate Here

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