DIY Detail The Legacy Sponge


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DIY Detail The Legacy Sponge

  • Rinsless Wash Sponge
  • Easy Grip
  • Clear Coat Safe
  • Holds More Water and Soap
  • Can Also Be Used for General Bucket Washing
  • Pairs well with DIY Detail Rinseless Wash

The DIY Detail Legacy car wash sponge is the evolution of Rinseless Wash sponges pioneered and developed by Yvan Lacroix. The Legacy car wash sponge is the safest wash media available. Its thick profile eliminates pressure points and it is extremely comfortable for the user. Designed for use with DIY Detail Rinseless Wash, it’s equally at home in your DIY Detail Incredible Suds bucket. This extra-large car wash sponge holds more water and soap compared to regular sponges on the market.

Know your car is safe when you choose to wash your car using the Legacy Sponge with Rinseless Wash OR Incredible Suds. The Legacy Sponge is the best car wash sponge for the most delicate paints – including black paint. If you’re looking for the softest, fastest way to wash your car without scratching your car’s paint finish, then look no further!

The Legacy Sponge is the most effective Rinseless Wash sponge available. Using the sponge with DIY Detail Rinseless Wash will provide unsurpassed cleaning results with minimal effort, thus reducing the time that it takes to wash your vehicle. It is also the safest wash sponge to use on all surfaces, with its matrix of individual foam cubes ensuring that any grit or grime picked up by the sponge is kept below its surface, thus reducing the risk of any scratching. Any residual grit in the sponge is easily released into your wash bucked when the sponge is squeezed in water.

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