FEYNLAB® Glass Cleaner


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FEYNLAB® Glass Cleaner

FEYNLAB® GLASS CLEANER – A nanoparticle infused, effortless glass cleaner that leaves a streak free finish every time!

Ask any professional detailer their least favorite chore and they’ll likely tell you it’s getting the windshield and glass crystal clear with zero streaks. There is nothing worse than spending all day perfecting the paint, removing years of dirt and grime from carpets and upholstery, making a car look brand only to chase impossible streaks from the glass. Well, we set out to change that and make cleaning glass one of the easiest tasks for both professionals and the at home DIYers.

FEYNLAB® GLASS CLEANER effortlessly breaks down road debris, bugs, dirt and grime on your windshield and is the perfect complement to maintain ceramic-coated glass.

FEYNLAB® GLASS CLEANER is an ammonia-free, tint-safe cleaner that is just as effective on interior as it is on exterior glass. While many automotive glass cleaners leave behind a hydrophobic surface which can cause massive fogging issues on the interior, our proprietary nanoparticle technology not only removes oil and other internal residue but helps protect from unwanted fogging of the interior glass.


  • Effortless streak-free cleaning
  • Perfect for maintaining ceramic-coated glass
  • Ammonia-free & tint-safe
  • Safe for all interior and exterior glass surfaces
  • Proprietary nanotechnology scrubbing effect
  • Helps prevent unwanted fogging of interior glass

APPROVED SURFACES FOR APPLICATION – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfaces

Approved Surfaces:

  • Interior & Exterior Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Shower Doors
  • & More




We encourage to always wear gloves when using GLASS CLEANER (this helps avoid the unwanted transfer of oils from your skin to the towel which can cause streaking).

Prepping the Surface:

  • Place vehicle in a well lit, cool, & contaminated free environment.
  • Remove any surface dirt and contaminants using FEYNLAB® Pure Wash or Pure Rinseless.


  • Shake the bottle slightly before use.
  • Using 2 clean GLASS TOWELS, spray FEYNLAB® GLASS CLEANER onto your first towel and wipe the surface clean removing about 80% of the moisture.
  • Switch to the second GLASS TOWEL and wipe clear the remaining 20% of moisture, leaving behind a crystal clear, streak-free finish.
  • Check your results from multiple angles to ensure you have left zero residues.

* Tip: Continue flipping each towel to a new “clean” side as residue will build in the towel and can cause streaking.

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