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FEYNLAB® Panel Prep

FEYNLAB® PANEL PREP is a deep cleaning final step to paint correction. Affectionately known as “Paint Correction Truth Serum,” it removes all polish residue, oils, and topical contamination from exterior vehicle surfaces, exposing the true state of surfaces. After a thorough wipe down with Panel Prep, the actual condition of polished surfaces is revealed and ready for final inspection before ceramic coating or other topical protection application.

FeynLab Panel Prep

Traditional Alcohol-based cleaners only remove light oils, leaving behind heavier oils based in petroleum. PANEL PREP is engineered to bond to both the light and heavy oils assisting in their complete removal while also breaking them down.

Product Benefits:

    • PANEL PREP easily removes all surface oils or filling agents, revealing the true state of a surface.
    • Use of Panel Prep cleans surfaces completely, ensuring optimal bonding of FEYNLAB® or any coating.
    • Also works as an excellent streak-free glass cleaner
    • Body shop safe – 100% silicone-free

Approved Surfaces:

  • Clear-coated painted surfaces (see warranty terms and conditions for approved manufacturers & vehicle types
  • Polycarbonate plastics such as headlights and taillights

A 500ml Bottle.


  • Always wear a respirator & gloves during application. Ensure the application area is free of loose contamination.
  • AVOID Contact with Dark Plastic Trim or Textured plastics.
  • ONLY apply to surfaces with a Microfiber towel. DO NO Spray Directly onto Panels or Surfaces.

Prior to application place the vehicle in a well lit, temperature-controlled 10°C-30°C  and contamination-free environment.

Application Instructions:

  1. Use two clean microfiber towels: Towels A & B.
  2. LIBERALLY apply PANEL PREP to saturate Towel A.
  3. Wipe Towel A thoroughly over the surface, leaving an even trail of product over the panel.
  4. Wipe the panel with Towel B to dry and wipe the panel clear.
  5. Wait at least 10 minutes after wiping off PANEL PREP to apply a ceramic coating or sealant to the panel.

Recommended Maximum Area of Application:

HALF of a door or 1/4 of a hood, then wipe off in the same pattern as application.

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