Gyeon Q2M Cure 250ml/400ml

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Gyeon Q2M Cure 

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Q²M Cure has been developed as an innovative, silica-based maintenance spray for ceramic coatings.

It prolongs the durability and enhances both gloss and repellency. Regular use allows to gain up to 90% of the regular durability of hydrophobic properties. Q²M Cure proves to be an excellent spray sealant, offering protection even on uncoated surfaces.


Efficiency is the one of the key features of all Gyeon products, and Q²M Cure seems most illustrative of that. One or two sprays should be enough to cover an entire panel as big as a door with protective coating. Low consumption translates into great value for the quality of our quartz-based detailer.


For the first couple of weeks following application, quartz coatings exhibit a insignificant tendency to develop hard water stain deposits. The use of Q²M Cure immediately after the base coating application will help eliminate that risk entirely. The product is also amazing as a Quick Detailer, removing all potential streaks and residual water. It gives the paint a vivid shine, restoring the “just after coating” appearance.

Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Q²M Cure dramatically increases the gloss and slickness of the paintwork. It also has a darkening effect, visible on every type of paint.

TIP: Dilute 1:1 with demineralised water to make wipe off easier and reduce possible streaks on dark paints.

PH Tolerance:4-9
Contact Angle:>80'
SiO2 percentage:>5%
Durability:>6 weeks


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