IK Multi Pro 12 Acid Resistant Sprayer

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IK Multi Pro 12 Acid Resistant Sprayer 

The IK MULTI Pro 12 is a large-capacity pump sprayer, compatible with aggressive chemical agents and especially resistant to acids.

Ideal Uses:

  • Automotive and Detailing
  • Building Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Industry and Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Epidemics & Virus Control

Technical information


Tared at 3 bar depressurizable with automatic depressurisation option

Hose Length


Standard nozzles

Adjustable conical nozzle and fan


47 cm fibreflass

Usable capacity


Total capacity


Litres/Min. 3 bar

0.50 l/min.

Gross weight

2.99 kg 

Chemical product table

The following table shows several examples of the most frequently used aggressive substances and the model recommended for each use.
Follow the maximum percentages indicated.Given the wide variety of products on the market, Goizper does not warrant the universal validity of its products. Always use caution when working and follow the instructions of the chemical manufacturer.

IK Sprayers Chemical product table Matrix


 Safety rules

  • Always follow the instructions and dosages on the packaging labels that the manufacturer recommends for the chemical product to be used
  • To avoid any consumption of the product, do note at, drink or smoke while preparing and spraying.
  • Do not spray on people, animals, electrical installations, flames, open fire, or other sources of ignition.
  • In the event of poisoning, see your doctor, taking the chemical product packaging with you.
  • Never dispose of waste product or cleaning residues near water courses, wells, etc.
  • Use suitable protective equipment, masks, goggles, gloves, footwear, etc., to avoid contact of the chemical products with skin, eyes and mouth.
  • Read the instructions for the sprayer before its use. Do not modify the sprayer. Do not obstruct or strike the safety valve. Do not use the sprayer if it is damaged, deformed or altered from its original shape. Should the hose, tank, handle or any of its connections be damaged, do not attempt to repair but replace the items with new parts.
  • Keep sprayer out of reach of children.

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