Koch-Chemie Eulex Eu Adhesive Remover 1L

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Koch-Chemie Eulex Eu Powerful Adhesive & Stain Remover 1L

Halogenated Hydrocarbons Free

Adhesive remover 

Low-odour special product for the effortless removal of adhesive, tree sap and rubber marks even from matt-painted vehicles, glass surfaces, etc. Penetrates quickly into the organic residues and softens them and this enables easy removal. The product’s active ingredients are not flammable and only evaporate slowly. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons. With Daimler approval.

Areas of use

Solvent-resistant surfaces such as paint (including matt paint), glass, ceramic, metal, etc.

Recommendations for use

Application on matt paint: spray undiluted onto the cooled treatment surface, leave to stand for 1-3 min., where necessary, wipe with a soft sponge without pressure (to prevent reflector surfaces/colour changes) and use a high-pressure cleaner to rinse off thoroughly. Finally, wash with NanoMagic Shampoo, rinse and dry carefully (without pressure). Application on normal paints, glass, etc.: loosened resides can also be removed with a cloth (instead of high pressure).


  • Do not let dry.
  • Not suitable for polycarbonate, polyacryl and similar plastics.
  • Use in water recycling plant only after consulting the system manufacturer.
  • Before using, check suitability and compatibility.
  • Do not use on hot surfaces. 

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