Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Säurefrei Rim Cleaner (Fb) (10L)

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Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Säurefrei is a powerful pH neutral wheel cleaner; available in a large size for commercial or heavy hobbyist users. Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Säurefrei has a purple reaction and removes baked on brake dust and iron deposits from wheels. Just like the Koch Chemie Reactive Wheel Cleaner; Felgenblitz Säurefrei leaves behind a glossy surface with a light sealant too - it's not just a cleaner! Felgenblitz Säurefrei is also a slightly viscous liquid so has a long dwell time.

  • Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Säurefrei  Rim Cleaner (Fb) is safe for virtually all wheel surfaces.
  • We recommend taking care on sensitive uncoated metals and testing on an inconspicuous area if the wheels are a sensitive finish. 
  • Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Säurefrei is made in Germany from the highest quality raw ingredients.

Areas of use

Aluminium, steel and chrome rims. With sensitive rims, eg polished aluminium, check for material compatibility beforehand on an inconspicuous area.

Recommendations for use

  • Spray undiluted onto the rims and leave to react for approx. 3 minutes, if required finish off with a brush and rinse off thoroughly with a high-pressure washer.
  • Repeat the procedure in case of stubborn dirt. With sensitive rims remove all traces of the product from wheel nut holes and recesses and where necessary dry.


  • Do not use on hot surfaces. Do not let dry. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.
  • This product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived.
  • Please check whether the product is suitable for your application. We will be pleased to assist you.

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