Koch Chemie Orange Power OP Adhesive, Tree Resin & Rubber Remover (1L)

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Quick-acting, slow vaporising special product based on natural orange extracts. Removes adhesive residues, eg removing labelling on vehicles. Rubber and resin residues, ink stains, oil, greases, tar, and chewing gum, etc., can also be removed without any problems
from solvent-resistant surfaces such as paintwork, glass, ceramic, metal, etc. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons and is pleasant to use thanks to its fresh orange fragrance.

Areas of Use:

Solvent-resistant surfaces such as paintwork, glass, ceramic, metal, etc.

Recommendations for Use

Use a dry absorbent cloth to apply to the stains and rub off or spray on, leave to react for 1-3 minutes, and wipe off or vaporise with a high-pressure appliance.


Before using, check colour fastness and material compatibility. 

This product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application. We will be pleased to assist you.

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