KRANZLE Garden Water Filter for Pressure Washer

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KRANZLE Garden Water Filter for Pressure Washer

Protects the pump from grit and dirt, increasing the service life of parts. Cleanable filter with wire mesh insert. With brass water inlet and outlet, simply screw on your Kranzle pressure washer or any pressure washer

The KRANZLE Garden Water Filter for Pressure Washer will filter and trap large dirt particles from the water before it goes through the motor. 

Compatible With:

K 7/120, K 7/122, Silent 120, Silent 122, HD 9/80, 12/130, K 10/120, K 10/122, K 1151, K 1151 T, K 1152, K 2160 TS T, K 2175 TS T, K 2195 TS T, Profi 160 TS T,Profi 175 TS T, Profi 195 TS T, Profi 15/120 TS T, Quadro 11/140 TS T, 12/150 TS T, Quadro 9/170 TS T, Quadro 599 TS T, 899 TS T, Quadro 800 TS T - 1200 TS T, Quadro 1500 TS T, D 30/180 TS T, D 26/250 TS T, Profi-Jet B 13/150, B 10/200, Profi-Jet B 16/220, B 16/250, Profi-Jet B 20/220, B 170 T, B 240 T, B 200 T, B 270 T, B 230 T, Therm CA, Therm C,


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