Maxshine Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer

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Maxshine Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer

Features and Benefits

  • Hand-held sprayer used for car care, home and industrial cleaning
  • No pressure washer or foam cannon needed
  • Portable design is sleek and can be stored in a tool bag
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides foaming solution for cleaning wheels, exterior, upholstery and fabrics. Also frequently used at home, in the garden and on the fly
  • NOZZLE THREAD 28-400

Usage Instructions:

  • Check each component of the sprayer to make sure its securely fastened.
  • Fill empty canister with approximately 26 oz of water then add the soap. (2-3oz)
  • Securely shake to mix the solution.
  • To eject by pressing
  • Small and convenient,easy to carry out, make your car brand new anytime and anywhere


  • To correctly use this product, please carefully read and follow the instructions.
  • Do not misuse this product.
  • Please don’t spray towards electrical components.
  • not suitalbe for Hydrocarbon solvents - tyre dressings - please see HC IK sprayers

Note: the nozzle is Made in Taiwan,China and the bottle body is Made in China.

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