MTM Hydro Pivoting 1/4" QC Nozzle Holder

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Options: Pivoting 1/4" QC Nozzle Holder
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MTM Hydro Pivoting 1/4" QC Nozzle Holder


MTM Hydro's Pivoting 1/4" Quick Connect Nozzle Holder allows you to reach the toughest areas so that you can achieve your 'Best Clean.'

By angling the Pivoting Nozzle Holder away from you, cleaning gutters means no more overspray of debris landing on you while cleaning.

When cleaning wheel wells, simply angle the holder in the desired direction to spray off-track debris, tar, and road grime buildup without crawling around on the ground.

MTM Hydro Couplers are offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate the multitude of industries and attachments available. Keep in mind, though, couplers can only receive like-sized plugs;

i.e. 1/4" Coupler must be paired with a 1/4" Plug.

Don't forget, "Male" and "Female" only refer to exposed NPT or BSP threads. An easy rule of thumb is that if you can see the threads, it's Male, don't overthink it!

Note: Nozzle is not included


  • 1/4" Coupler  to 1/4" Male Plug
  • 4,000 PSI max
  • 3 positions available

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