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SONAX Dirt Eraser 

Scrub away dirt and grime from leather, vinyl, exterior and interior plastics

SONAX Dirt Erasers are ingeniously designed foam scrubbing pads that gently remove stubborn dirt from exterior and interior plastics. These fine-pored, highly condensed, multi-purpose scrubbing pads are perfect for removing shoe-sole marks on interior plastics and wax residue on exterior plastics. Application is as simple as wetting a Dirt Eraser and gently scrubbing.

Dirt Erasers can also be used for deep clean your leather Seats.

SONAX Dirt Erasers are a product of Germany and that’s obvious from the second you pick one up. These durable scrubbing pads can be used to safely remove virtually any stain from exterior and interior plastic components. 

If you think you’ve tried everything to remove that stubborn shoe-sole mark on your kick panel, you obviously haven’t tried a SONAX Dirt Eraser! Enjoy safe, chemical-free cleaning with SONAX Dirt Erasers!

SONAX Dirt Erasers work great for removing polish and wax residue from unpainted exterior plastics. With a quick swipe you can safely remove dried-on residue without resorting to harsh all purpose cleaners and de-greasers. SONAX Dirt Erasers eliminate the need for multiple tools and chemicals!

Handy tip: Damped the Sonax Dirt Eraser to remove polish residue on exterior plastic parts.

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