Premium quality OEM Foam Applicator 75mm (smaller Applicator)

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Premium high quality OEM Foam Applicator

Premium quality OEM Foam Wax Applicators have an ergonomic shape that enables easy application of waxes with less hand fatigue.

The finger cutouts on each side of the applicator give you a firm grip to prevent dropping the applicator.

The thickness of each applicator keeps your fingernails away from the paint surface. Your fingernails stay clean and your paint stays scratch-free.

This gray foam is not absorbent – that keeps the wax in the Red foam and away from your fingers. Waxy fingers drop applicators so this applicator is nearly undroppable. But if you do drop it, you have a backup applicator! Just was it and your good to go again.

This is also great for applying wax or dressings on your rims. 

 Washing Instructions of the applicator.

Wash and reuse your applicators. Wash used applicators in APC and store them for use again.