Wheel Woolies® Power Cleaner/Polishing Brush Hex Drive Premium Grade Made in USA

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Braun Original Woolies® Power Woolies Cleaner/Polishing Brush Hex Drive

Wheel Woolies Power Woolie is manufactured using the same materials you know and love from the Wheel Woolies line – it’s just specially designed to be used with an electric, or cordless drill.

The Wheel Woolie Power Woolie is the safest way to clean or polish your wheels; the metal handle is encased in a safe rubber sleeve so it won’t scratch, and the soft fusion fiber technology bristles will not mar your wheels’ surface

Wheel Woolies have long established a reputation as being the go-to wheel brushes for rigorous wheel cleaning, since other wheel brushes sometimes just won’t cut through the crud, stubborn brake dust, and road grime – at least they can’t without somehow hurting your delicate finish! 

The Wheel Woolies Power Woolie is constructed using synthetic fibers that are safe on all wheel finishes. Wheel Woolies Power Woolie also features a metal-free exterior design for a no-risk detail.

Featuring a steel ¼” hex speed driver that is easy to use with quick-change drill adapters, Wheel Woolies Power Woolie makes quick work of wheel detailing. 

Use the Wheel Woolies Power Woolie to clean your wheels like never before! When attached to a power drill, the Wheel Woolies Power Woolie easily gets between spokes on the wheels and allows the soft, non-scratching fabric to quickly whisk away contamination.

Not only will the Wheel Woolie Power Woolie clean your wheels, it will also polish them! If used with your favorite metal polish, Wheel Woolie Power Woolie will remove light swirls and scratches.


You’ve already selected a great wheel brush by using the dirt and brake dust blasting Wheel Woolies, now you can speed the process up by using the Wheel Woolies Power Woolie!

Directions for use:
Wheel Polishing: Using your favorite metal polish, apply thin lines of product directly to the surface of the Wheel Woolies Power Woolie. Be sure to not overdo it on the amount of product used. If your wheels are badly marred and need more polishing time, work in one small area to start, using a high drill speed. If your wheels are in better condition you can use a more general approach to polishing the surface, using a slower drill speed. After polishing, wipe the area for inspection and repeat if needed.

Wheel Cleaning: Apply your selected wheel cleaner directly to the surface of your wheels, using the manufacturer’s directions. For extra dirty wheels, you can focus on one small area at a time. For better maintained wheels, you can use a more general approach to cleaning. After rinsing, be sure to towel dry your wheels for a water-spot-free finish.

Made in USA.

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