3D ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound (60ml/236ml/946ml)

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Size: 236ml
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3D ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound 

3D ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound is designed to provide true paint correction with a new formula – Alpha Ceramic Alumina

  • This incredible new technology, corrects all paint types quicker than other compounds but does so without much heat.
  • ACA 500 works brilliantly on new age hard ceramic clears
  • Works perfectly with wool or foam
  • Silicon, Filler, Solvent, Kerosene, crystalline silica free makes it safer and allows for better results and a much longer working time
  • 500 uses a sun-friendly formula for ease of use!
  • 3D sources all its own raw materials leading to amazing consistency.
  • Follow up the cut using the ACA 520 Finishing Polish

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