3D BDX Brake Dust Remover (473ml/3.78L/18.9L)

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3D BDX Brake Dust Remover 

BDX, Brake Dust Remover will completely remove iron particles and fallout from automotive paint and wheels.

  • This is the fastest, easiest way to clean almost any wheel.
  • BDX is a simple spray formula that instantly turns purple when it comes into contact with iron particles.
  • BDX will also safely dissolve fallout particles - replacing the use of harsh chemicals such as acid.
  • BDX is acid free, PH balanced and safely cleans and removes rust stains on wheels and decontaminated fallout from paint.
  • BDX is VOC, Green and Biodegradable.
  • BDX is an efficient, user-friendly product that will safely remove brake dust and rust stains while preserving the condition of your wheels and paint.
  • It's a dependable solution, free of harsh chemicals, that produces results you can trust.

Directions for use :

  • Simply spray 3D Brake Dust Remover onto the contaminated surface and allow to dwell.
  • For heavily contaminated wheels, you may need to use a dedicated wheel brush to remove the stubborn brake dust. For more contaminated paintwork you may need to apply it twice.
  • After a few minutes of dwelling, simply rinse off the product with water and watch all that contamination and debris rinse away. Your wheels and paint will be clean with minimal effort from you.
  • For best results use a pressure washer to rinse off the product.
  • Be sure to apply 3D Brake Dust Remover to only cool surfaces, and do not apply in direct sunlight.

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