3D Ceramic Touch 60ml (1 Year Spray)

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3D Ceramic Touch

3D Ceramic Touch is an easy spray and wipe ceramic coating that contains an advanced SiO2 super hydrophobic paint technology for durable coating, paint protection and a super shine.

  •  Designed to last up to 1 year
  •  Easy to apply, user friendly.
  •  Great as a ceramic coating top up.
  •  Awesome hydrophobic properties that will help to protect your paint from nature, road film and dirt.

Directions for use :

  • Pro-tip: Make sure the surface is completely clean, detailed and decontaminated. One kit will do a whole mid-size car.
  • Spray a light mist onto a fresh microfibre towel.
  •  Wait 30 seconds and buff the product off with a clean soft microfiber towel then move on to the next section.
  • If the surface feels oily after buffing, wait a few more seconds and wipe off again.
  • For optimum results, leave it to cure for 48hrs

*Weather will determine the size of the section you want to work with. 

*Temperature and humidity can affect how quickly the product dries.

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