3D Glass Polish Cerium Oxide

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3D Glass Polish Cerium Oxide

Cerium Oxide Based Polish Helps to Remove Swirls, Scratches, Wiper Marks & Water Spots from Tarnished Car Windows & Glass - Brightens Clarity & Vision 16oz. 


  • Cerium oxide based polish helps to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks & water spots from glass and windows
  • Great for dulled and tarnished car glass to help improve vision and clarity
  • Helps to restore original transparency and brightness
  • Minimum Elbow Grease Required! Easy application directly onto surface with effortless wipe-off
  • Long Open Time - Less product goes a longer way for efficient results
  • Can be used to prep glass surfaces before applying a glass coating
  • For best results, use a high speed rotary polisher with a felt pad


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