3D GLW Series Iron Remover

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3D GLW Series Iron Remover

The 3D GLW Series Iron Remover is a highly effective solution designed to tackle even the most stubborn iron buildup. Formulated with advanced chelating agents, the GLW Series Iron Remover quickly and efficiently breaks down and lift away iron deposits, fallout, brake dust, and more, leaving paint and wheels clean and free of unsightly contamination.

  • Fast Acting
  • Safe on Paint and Wheels
  • Low-Odor Formula
  • Designed to Safely Decontaminate
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in the USA

Product Details

The 3D GLW Series Iron Remover is a powerful and effective solution for car enthusiasts, DIYers, and professional detailers who want to maintain the appearance and protection of their vehicles. This iron remover is part of the 3D GLW Series, which is designed to provide the ultimate in protection and enhancement for car care. The 3D GLW Series Iron Remover is specifically designed to decontaminate paint and wheels by loosening up embedded iron oxide particles, fallout, brake dust and more.

The 3D GLW Series Iron Remover is easy to use, as it's a spray-on, rinse-off product. The high-quality formula in the 3D GLW Series Iron Remover is designed to tackle stubborn iron buildup on wheels and paint, ensuring a thorough decontamination process. It acts rapidly, highlighted by the visible purple bleeding effect.

Additionally, it's completely safe on automotive clear coats, paints and wheels, stock or aftermarket. This iron remover is the ultimate tool for all of your paint decontamination projects.

Next-Level Decontamination

Experience a cleaner ride with our GLW Series Iron Remover. It targets and dissolves iron particles, transforming your vehicle's surface from gritty to smooth without the elbow grease.

Safe on Paint & Wheels

Worry less about damage and more about shine. Our formula is tough on contaminants but gentle on your vehicle's paint and wheels, ensuring a spotless finish without compromise.

purple bleeding effect of iron remover on aftermarket wheels

detailer brushing bmw wheels with iron remover on them


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