3D Grand Blast Degreaser 3.78L

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3D Grand Blast Degreaser 

  • Powerful & safe degreaser removes dirt, grease, and grime with ease
  • Great super cleaner for wheels, engines, exhausts, and more
  • Easily rinses and washes away with less scrubbing and cleaning time
  • Instant 'like new' results and shine

Grand Blast is a powerful degreaser that can be mixed at different ratios for a wide range of cleaning and degreasing tasks. It's an ideal choice for detailers to tackle tough grease and oil deposits beneath the hood and in other hard-to-reach spots.


20:1 = Light Duty Cleaning 

10:1 – Medium Duty Cleaning 

4:1 – Heavy Duty Cleaning

Step 1: Spray the surface to be cleaned with the properly diluted mixture of 3D Grand Blast and allow to dwell and penetrate for 30 to 45 seconds. Do not let degreaser dry.Step 2: Blast treated surface with a strong spray of water.

  • For stubborn grime or severely neglected surfaces, repeat the process and/or agitate with a brush.

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