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3D Metal Polish

3D Deep Blue Metal Polish is a fantastic chemical metal polish that will strip oxidation and tarnishing from the metal surfaces on your vehicle.

- Can be used to restore your aluminum, magnesium, steel, or any precious metals you may have!

- Designed to be a light cutter that leaves an unbelievable shine and finish.  

- 3D Deep Blue Metal Polish is a solely chemical-based polish, without the use of ammonia and does not contain any abrasives in its formula. You don’t have to worry about marring the surface of your metal while you are polishing. This is a benefit because most metals do not have a clear protective barrier like most paint surfaces. So, any scratches that it acquires tend to be permanent ones.

- Uses an effective but safe combination of cleaners and strippers to quickly and gently remove the oxidation and tarnish that your metal surfaces may have acquired over the years. Once all those imperfections are stripped away, the brilliant shine underneath will shine through!

Directions for use :

  • Always shake well before each use.
  • Apply a small amount of 3D Deep Blue Metal Polish to a cloth and apply to the surface in small circular motions. For extra polishing, use a wool pad on a 3” polisher followed by a soft polishing pad.
  • Buff the surface dry using a polishing cloth or a microfibre towel.

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