3D One Hybrid Compound Polish

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3D One Hybrid Compound Polish

3D ONE is a revolutionary product that lets you do multiple paint correction steps without having to switch the product you are using.

3D ONE can accomplish such an impressive task thanks to the versatility of the abrasives that are used in its formula. These abrasives allow the product to adjust with the pad you are using.

  • When used with a cutting or compounding pad, 3D ONE will be able to correct more severe defects and leave the paint level.
  • While using 3D ONE with a polishing pad will remove lighter defects and buff the surface to a high gloss finish. 

3D ONE was developed with a large quantity of lubricants in its formula that will keep the surface of your paint slick and provide you with a much longer working time than you would receive with most compounds or polishes. 

The added lubrication and increased product wetness of 3D ONE also means that the product will not dry up and begin throwing out particles, which many detailers refer to as “dusting.” These properties mean that your clean-up time will be greatly reduced, reducing your detailing time!

Another great quality of 3D ONE is the ease with which it wipes off the surface. 

3D ONE doesn’t contain any silicons or fillers so is a perfect product for detailers before applying a ceramic coating.


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3D ONE Hybrid Compound/Polish Goes Through The Apex Detail Review Process!!


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